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What Is Mutual Consent Divorce?

What is Mutual Consent Divorce?

If you are reading this article, I’m assuming that you have already explored all the options of saving your marriage and you firmly believe that getting legally separated is the best option for you, your spouse and your children (if any).

When both husband and wife have decided to divorce without putting any allegations against each other, then it leads to mutual consent divorce which is the simplest and fastest way to get divorce.

Now let us understand what do I mean by ‘ready for divorce’. It not just means that husband and wife are ready for getting legally separated, but it also means that the husband and wife have decided on the separation terms as well. So the husband and wife must be ready with their mutually agreed terms on:

  • How to support their children (if any) after separation
  • How to distribute their joint assets (if any)
  • How to settle alimony/maintenance against each other

Once these things are decided, then the husband and wife can approach a family lawyer to file for a mutual consent divorce case.

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